Worldwide cold snap signs of coming ice age?

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Just over 30 years ago, in the late 1970s, scientists were warning the world of a coming ice age.  This was heralded by record worldwide cold and snowstorms in 1976 and 1977 that haven’t been seen since — until now that is.

This year, Arctic air has poured out of the Canadian plains into the United States, bringing bone-chilling temperatures and heavy snowfall across the Plains and freezing temperatures all the way down to the Gulf Coast and Florida.  We are potentially seeing but a taste of what may be coming in the future as we swing back toward a glacial period from an inter-glacial one.  Basically, we’ve been rather lucky it’s been as warm as it has.

At least one forecaster at Accuweather is bold enough to address the science directly instead of jumping on the global warming band wagon. His name is Joe Bastardi, and you can see a video he made here.  That’s exactly what we need — more unbiased science and less politics and scare tactics.

2008…a turning point

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I just found an article on the Daily Telegraph website that sums up a lot of my feelings about global warming.  Titled, “2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved,” makes several clear points without getting bogged down in a lot of esoteric science.

The author, Christopher Booker, lists three big ways the hysteria over global warming has changed this year:

  1. global temperatures have been dropping instead of rising
  2. there is no scientific consensus in favor of global warming
  3. the global economy can’t support politicians’ schemes to combat global warming

I think it’s interesting to note that the global warming apologists are trying harder and harder to get people to buy into the idea, and that anyone who even questions the “consensus” is ridiculed or even blackballed.  If your argument is sound and backed by solid science, shouldn’t it be able to stand on its own without propping it up and defending it at every turn?

Another thing I noticed within the last year or two is that they rarely call it “global warming” anymore — it’s “climate change.”  Aside from avoiding the embarrassing headlines like “Global warming conference canceled due to blizzard,” it puts the global warming crowd in the enviable, however artificial, position of being able to always be right.  Record-breaking snowfall and cold snaps can be as easily attributed to climate change as summer heat waves, in the alternate world these guys live in.

The truth of the matter is, though, that 2008 has been one of the coldest years in recent history.  I’ve only lived in the Omaha area for 5 years now, but the past summer seemed particularly cool and short, while this winter has already had a brutally cold spell the like of which I don’t recall this early in the winter.  Last week we had a morning that the wind chill was -28F, and several mornings that started below 0F to reach highs only in the single digits.  Personally, I think we could use some global warming right about now.