Yet another article is out today with an alternate explanation for an event that had been attributed to global warming. Swiss scientists reported that alpine glaciers in their country experienced the greatest recorded melting in the 1940s (even more than now) due to increased solar radiation during that period.

I’m not surprised by that finding, since I don’t believe the earth is warming as much as they say we are, and any warming that is occurring is certainly not attributable to people.  But what I do find interesting is that, later in the article, the scientists involved in this report still cling to their ideas about global warming.  Despite the mounting evidence that there are other things that have a bigger impact on the climate than mankind, they aren’t swayed from their dogmatic beliefs.

I can’t speak to their motivations.  Maybe it’s the only way for them to get the grants that will allow them to pursue their research.  Maybe they believe it that fervently, but then they couldn’t be called scientists — instead they would be something like priests in this new global religion of climate change.  Either way, the world population is waking up, aided by the leaked e-mails recently, aka “Climategate,” and becoming less trusting of scientists and their conclusions.

And I say it’s about time.